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Who "we" are at this point is basically me (kyle knapp) and a few friends.  I created Sod House Records a few years ago for the purpose of releasing my last album "House of Sod".  The concepts that inspired the creation of House of Sod have so impacted my life and values, and those of the circle of friends and artists I've found myself working with, that "Sod House Records" seemed a natural name for a platform that gives voice to those ideals.

We are not a "religious" or "christian" label, although we are seekers of truth, and you'll find much of our music seasoned with spiritual concepts.  But there's no religious agenda - we just want to create good, honest music, and be true to our hearts and the things we believe.

We are not a big-money corporation.  If you're an artist looking for a label, we have little to offer other than friendship and maybe a few creative ideas (see our submissions page).   If you're a music lover just looking for some good down-to-earth music that comes from the hearts of genuine people and doesn't care about conforming to the formulas that drive most of the music business, check us out.

Maybe we'll grow into a "real" record company someday.  If not, that's okay, we're enjoying what we're doing, and we hope you do too.


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