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"treasure in earthen vessels..."


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Sod House Records is not soliciting submissions at this time.  The Sod House Records label is mainly an outlet for music produced here at Dry Creek Studio, especially material that meets a standard of talent and quality, and which reflects our values (see Who We Are).

This doesn't mean we're snobs who don't care what what anyone else is doing, but we can't afford to get bogged down with submissions from every budding metal, punk-rock, rap and electronica artist in the country.  Especially since we don't have much to offer you, other than a cool name and logo. 

But if you'd like to explore some kind of connection with us, PLEASE check out our stuff FIRST, to get some idea if anything "fits".  If you think we might actually have something to share with each other, feel free to contact Kyle and we'll talk about it.  Just don't go sending us unsolicited samples - they'll only end up in the landfill.


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