Hannah's Prayer

  • SHR-006


This collection of 15 original songs  explores themes of disappointment, loss, redemption, and hope.  The songs, inspired by the stories of friends as well as Vicki's own struggles and victories, invite us to discover a loving God who meets us in our brokenness.  The Biblical account of Hannah, from which the project draws its title, is such a story:

"Broken dreams in a desert place is where she found herself for many years...  And in her darkest hour, a promise came..." ~from Hannah's Prayer

Featuring Vicki Lynn on acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals, plus the talents of Mary Elizabeth McGovern, Tyler Smith (37 Years), Adam Sherrerd (Prairie Gators), Josh Krohn (Southpaw Bluegrass Band), Bill Farber (The New Humans), "Harmonica Bob" Frisk and others.

Produced at Omaha's Dry Creek Studio.
  • Artist:  Vicki Lynn
  • Title:  Hannah's Prayer
  • Label:  Sod House Records
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Format: CD
  • Catalog No: SHR-006
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