Iris Forever

  • SHR-011

New from Sod House Records

This project includes some of Kyle's favorite songs, including selections from The Hollies, The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Don McLean and others, all played by Kyle on a handmade classical guitar given to him by longtime friend Iris Jacobs.  The project is dedicated to her.  Available October 1st on CDBaby.  Look for it shortly thereafter on iTunes, Amazon, etc.
Or order direct from Kyle
Produced by Kyle Knapp
Release Date: October 2016

Recorded at Dry Creek Studio, Omaha NE

  • Artist:  Kyle Knapp
  • Title:  Iris Forever
  • Label:  Sod House Records
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Format: CD
  • Catalog No: SHR-011

CD contains 12 songs
Here are some sample clips from a few of them:

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